Ep. 189 | Case Study: Interview With Frank Rizzo on How To Tackle Value Add Turnaround Projects

Welcome back to the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast! Today, we have an engaging episode featuring Frank Rizzo, co-founder of Stone Capital. Frank is a value-add specialist with extensive experience in redeveloping mobile home parks and other real estate assets. In this episode, Frank shares his journey in the mobile home park industry, focusing on […]

Ep. 185 | Interview with Victoria Cowart on the Do’s and Don’ts Concerning Pet Screening

Welcome to our latest episode! Let’s delve into the dynamic world of property management and pet regulations with our esteemed guest, Victoria Cowart. Victoria brings a wealth of expertise as the Director of Education & Outreach for PetScreening, coupled with years of hands-on experience in multifamily housing communities and HOAs. As a leading industry expert […]

Ep. 184 | Interview with Douglas Raney on When and How to Amend A Contract

Welcome to our latest episode! Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of real estate law and development with our esteemed guest, Douglas Raney. Douglas brings over a decade of expertise as a real estate attorney and developer, with a knack for structuring and managing deals that set the stage for success. With a […]

Ep. 179 | Interview with Emma Norman on Mobile Home Park Loans and Real Estate Financing Strategies

Welcome to another episode! Today, we sit down with Emma Norman, a Mobile Home Park Loan Specialist and Commercial Real Estate Specialist. Emma’s passion for affordable and attainable housing shines through her unique journey and deep understanding of mobile home parks (MHPs). Having been a property manager for MHPs and RV parks, Emma brings a […]

Ep. 171 | Interview with Jason Janda on How to Avoid Mistakes During Diligence

In this episode, Jason Janda, CEO of Rochester Property Group, LLC, a practicing attorney and mobile home park owner and investor, shares his expertise on deal sourcing and due diligence in the real estate industry. He has mentioned an interesting take on possibly using drone videos to attract potential buyers, as well as the differences […]

Ep. 129 | What You Need to Know About Private Utilities with Phillip Merrill

 On this episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, we have our special guest Phillip Merrill, owner of Merrill Water who handles all the water needs, not limited to Mobile Home Parks. Phillip grew up in the water well drilling business working directly with his father. After college, he joined the family business […]

Ep. 127 | 25 Factors of a Bad Investment

Ferd shares several factors on how he determines a bad investment from a good one. Ferd points out 25 factors that won’t necessarily individually break the deal, but will at least give you some reference points to think through prior to making your mobile home park investment. Tune in to find out what 25 factors […]

Ep. 124 | Forty Things To Look For When Doing A Site Visit

This week on The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast…Get to know the Do’s and Don’ts when doing a site visit. Learn every detail that needs to be checked, look for, and consider before doing the investment. Join Ferd Niemann as he shares his strategy for a good Mobile Home Park Investment. Highlights of the episode: […]

Ep. 122 | Running a Fund Comprised of Small MHPs

On the new episode of the Mobile Home Park, we have our special guest Charlotte Dunford who shifted from a corporate job to a full-time real estate entrepreneur. She started from a single-family home to a duplex and eventually acquired small Mobile Home Parks in 2019. Right now she has 22 parks from different locations […]