Ep. 179 | Interview with Emma Norman on Mobile Home Park Loans and Real Estate Financing Strategies


Welcome to another episode! Today, we sit down with Emma Norman, a Mobile Home Park Loan Specialist and Commercial Real Estate Specialist. Emma’s passion for affordable and attainable housing shines through her unique journey and deep understanding of mobile home parks (MHPs).

Having been a property manager for MHPs and RV parks, Emma brings a wealth of hands-on experience. Her love for Class Cs and Ds isn’t about embracing trouble but rather kicking out the undesirable elements, making these communities safer and more secure for everyone involved.

In this episode, Emma shares her perspectives on the Mobile Home Park Loans Market and Financing Commercial Real Estate. She delves into the lender’s viewpoint on recourse loans, offering insights into securing financing for a property and navigating challenges like increasing liquidity requirements and deal cancellations.

Emma sheds light on bankers’ strategies to protect themselves in the complex world of real estate financing. Tune in as she provides invaluable tips for successful real estate financing, from securing a real estate loan to forming successful partnerships.

If you’re passionate about making a difference in communities and navigating the financial landscape of mobile home park investing, this  episode is a must. Gain practical knowledge and be inspired by her dedication to creating a generational impact beyond the lucrative side of real estate. Join us for a conversation that goes beyond wealth – it’s about making a lasting difference in the world of Mobile Home Park investments.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Emma Norman

00:01:57 Mobile Home Park Loans Market

00:05:00 Financing Commercial Real Estate

00:10:03 Lender’s Perspective on Recourse Loans

00:15:00 Securing financing for a property

00:20:01 Increasing Liquidity Requirements & Deal Cancellations

00:25:00 Bankers’ strategies to protect themselves

00:30:00 Tips for successful real estate financing

00:35:01 Securing a Real Estate Loan

00:40:02 Tips for forming a successful partnership

00:44:04 Closing


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