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094: Avoiding Land Mines During Due Diligence of MHP with Ferd Niemann IV

EPISODE 7 - Dan on Top

Episode 30 - Ferdinand "Ferd" E. Niemann IV

094: Avoiding Land Mines During Due Diligence of MHP with Ferd Niemann IV

Today’s episode features Ferd Niemann IV. He will be talking about what to do during due diligence. Ferd is a mobile home park owner, operator, and lawyer. In addition, he is also a real estate investor, financial analyst, entrepreneur, and attorney whose career has focused on a myriad of areas of real estate. His experience includes mobile home park investments and turnarounds, retail development and redevelopment, residential investments, and real estate law. Before starting his own firm — The MHP Lawyer, Ferd practiced law at a top Kansas City firm. He focuses on economic development incentives, public finance, property tax assessments, redevelopment, land use, and zoning. Ferd was also the associate editor for Missouri Land Use Law & Practice and Missouri Economic Development Law, the foremost treatises in the fields. Prior to law school at UMKC, Ferd graduated from Rockhurst University. Earning a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA. For over five years, Ferd served his community while working at Jackson County. He worked a variety of positions in the Administration, Economic Development, and Assessment Departments. Through his experience analyzing deals and sitting on Tax Increment Financing Commissions, Ferd has developed a critical eye for solving problems and navigating government processes. Serving as Jackson County’s Director of Assessment gave him greater insights into the valuation of personal and real property, as well as handling property tax appeals. His various positions at Jackson County honed Ferd’s skills in analysis, project and people management, and putting deals together.

Ferd grew up in Quincy, IL, and moved to Kansas City to attend Rockhurst University to pursue his education and play college baseball. Ferd enjoys chasing deals, playing sports with friends, reading great books, politics, involvement in his church, and spending time with his wife, son, and daughters.

(00:01-02:13) Opening Segment

– Introduction of the guest, Ferd Niemann IV into the show
– Ferd shares something interesting about himself

(02:14-32:42) The Journey to Real Estate Investing and What to do During Due Diligence

– Ferd explains why he chose to be in real estate and why he shifted from being an attorney to a real estate investor
– Ferd shares his first real estate deal
– How and Why Ferd pick Mobile Home Parks
– Importance of researching every asset class
– Due Diligence
– Steps to go through when receiving an operating memorandum from a broker
– “Trust But Verify”
– What to do during Due Diligence: Checklist
– Checklist #1 – Get a Phase One Environmental
– What is Phase One Environmental and Why it is Important
– Checklist #2 – Perform a Survey
– Checklist #3 – City and State Permits
– Is zoning still needed even the park has been around for 50 years?
– Landmines to avoid while performing due diligence?
– Best real estate deal

(32:43-33:00) BREAK

(33:01-33:15) Second Segment

– Welcoming listeners back and re-introducing podcast guest, Ferd

(33:16-39:31) Fire Round

– Will Ferd change his business strategy after Coronavirus?
– Favorite real estate finance or and personal development related book?
– Website or tools that Ferd recommends
– Ferd’s advice for beginner investors
– How does Ferd give back?
– How can Wealth Matters Podcast listeners reach out to Ferd?

(39:32-39:55) Closing Segment

Dan on Top - Episide 7

Episode 30 - Ferdinand "Ferd" E. Niemann IV