Ep. 185 | Interview with Victoria Cowart on the Do’s and Don’ts Concerning Pet Screening


Welcome to our latest episode! Let’s delve into the dynamic world of property management and pet regulations with our esteemed guest, Victoria Cowart. Victoria brings a wealth of expertise as the Director of Education & Outreach for PetScreening, coupled with years of hands-on experience in multifamily housing communities and HOAs.

As a leading industry expert and educator, Victoria’s mission is to empower property managers with the knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of pet-related laws and regulations. With a track record of guiding both large property management companies and independent rental owners, Victoria is dedicated to maximizing income while avoiding common pitfalls in mobile home parks and other rental properties.

In this episode, Victoria sheds light on crucial topics such as clarifying the distinction between service animals and support animals, balancing the needs of assistance animals with property owner rights, and addressing discrimination towards certain dog breeds. She also emphasizes the importance of fostering a pet-friendly community and provides valuable insights into documentation guidelines for assistance animals in rental properties.

Victoria shares practical strategies for handling pet-related issues, including the rights to reliable documentation and potential challenges in managing complaints. Additionally, Victoria walks us through real-world scenarios, such as navigating the approval process for Emotional Support Animals and the significance of implementing pet fees in communities.

Tune in now for an enlightening conversation with Victoria Cowart, where expertise meets passion, and the intricacies of property management and pet regulations come to the forefront. Gain invaluable insights that will empower you to create thriving, pet-friendly communities while safeguarding the interests of property owners and residents alike


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:45 Guest Introduction & Background: Victoria Cowart

00:01:03 Maximizing income and avoiding pitfalls in mobile home parks

00:05:00 Clarifying the distinction between service animals and support animals

00:10:00 Balancing the needs of assistance animals and property owners

00:15:01 Addressing discrimination towards certain dog breeds

00:20:00 The importance of caring for pets in the community

00:25:02 Guidelines for documentation of assistance animals in rental properties

00:30:01 Rights to reliable documentation and potential issues in handling complaints

00:35:00 The issue of an unauthorized Rottweiler in a building and the process for obtaining approval for an Emotional Support Animal

00:35:00 The importance of pet fees in communities


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