Ep. 129 | What You Need to Know About Private Utilities with Phillip Merrill


On this episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, we have our special guest Phillip Merrill, owner of Merrill Water who handles all the water needs, not limited to Mobile Home Parks.

Phillip grew up in the water well drilling business working directly with his father. After college, he joined the family business and then branched out into operating and managing community water systems. He is known for his 22 years of experience in the drinking water and wastewater sector.

Phillip shares multiple wastewater systems applicable to mobile home parks, especially their Package Plants. We take a deep dive into the discussion of lagoons, septic, wells, each of their pros and cons as well as costs associated with each. If you are a mobile home park owner who has encountered challenges with your water system, this episode is for you!


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:00 – Episode Introduction

00:00:30 – Introduction of guest

00:01:27 – Background of the Guest

00:03:57 – Waste Water System

00:04:40 – What is a Package Plants

00:10:00 – Cost of a Package Plants

00:11:23 – Lifespan: Steel Vs. Cement

00:11:23 – Cost of having package plants

00:15:20 – Risk from the government

00:17:04 – Anti-backsliding

00:18:48 – Pros and cons of Lagoon

00:23:12 – All About Septic

00:25:35 – Relevant of Soil in Septic

00:26:47 – Getting rid of leech fields

00:28:18 – Killers of lagoons: Sludge

00:31:22 –  Seepage Test

00:32:58 – Sludge Survey

00:35:11 – All about Well

00:37:21 – Cost of having a Well

00:40:03 – All-in cost if the well fails

00:41:39 – Tips from Phillip Merrill


Notable Quotes

“The other hidden cost that I want to mention is on your refinance or your eventual sale you’re going to get hit on the cap rate”

“It’s not one of those ponds you know, you don’t fish in it, you don’t swim in it. Just stay away from the pond”

“The bubbler is it literally looks like a water fountain and it creates water up which is active so it creates more waves and ripples which is eventually essentially creates oxygen and allows more bugs and more rapidity to the process which then thereby requires a smaller surface area”


Connecting with the Guest

Website: https://merrillwater.com/ | https://merrillwater.com/mobilehomeparkresources/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phillip-merrill-747255b7

Email: info@merillwater.com

Call for INFO: 503-734-7400


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