Ep. 124 | Forty Things To Look For When Doing A Site Visit


This week on The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast…Get to know the Do’s and Don’ts when doing a site visit. Learn every detail that needs to be checked, look for, and consider before doing the investment. Join Ferd Niemann as he shares his strategy for a good Mobile Home Park Investment.

Highlights of the episode:
00:00 – Episode Introduction
00:40 – Start of the topic: Things to Look for in a Site Visit
01:34 – Purchase Price
02:36 – Condition of homes and vehicles
03:06 – Zoning
03:18 – Evaluation of Road Condition and type of Utilities
03:43 – Other Revenue Opportunity
03:49 – General assessment of the premises
04:05 – Layout of the Park
04:32 – Feel of the neighborhood
04:42 – Pride of Ownership
05:08 – Internet Providers
05:24 – Survey Amenities
06:10 – General Topography
07:00 – Taking Photos and Videos

Notable Quotes
“Generally look and see if there’s the pride of homeownership… try to assess the parkland home and tenant on home counts and locations and whether they’re single-wide or double-wide”.

“When I go out on the property… always have a site map, always have a pen and paper ready and just take notes and then report back to team report back whoever’s doing the budget, whoever’s you know doing insurance. Everybody’s doing CAPEX doing the ordering and go from there”

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