Ep. 127 | 25 Factors of a Bad Investment


Ferd shares several factors on how he determines a bad investment from a good one. Ferd points out 25 factors that won’t necessarily individually break the deal, but will at least give you some reference points to think through prior to making your mobile home park investment. Tune in to find out what 25 factors you must know, before making your next mobile home park investment.

Highlights of the episode:
00:00 – Episode Introduction
00:38 – Start of the topic: Spotting a bad Investment
04:00 – Paying for the Upside
06:49 – Partner with No skin in the Game
07:09 – Zoning, Set-back, and Bad Seller Issues
09:15 – Bad Water Systems
10:23 – Potential Property Desk Job
11:03 – Trees can be a problem
11:55 – Drainage Issues
14:18 – Old Houses
14:48 – Vendor Availability
16:20 – Extro


Notable Quotes:

Trees are nice for shade, they look nice, make a better neighborhood but trees can be a problem, they drop leaves which make a mess…”

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