Ep. 142 | Understanding the Importance of Seller Deliverable Requirements

It’s always critical to your deal the level of due diligence you can apply before purchasing a property. In this episode of the MHP Lawyer Podcast, Ferd Niemann shares his own due diligence list specific to mobile home parks and highlights the importance behind each one of them to how they can be leveraged strategically […]

Ep. 141 | Pros and Cons of Buying A Small Mobile Home Park

 This week’s episode is about the pros and cons of owning a small mobile home park. Ferd Niemann shares the pros and cons of buying a small mobile home park. While some pros exist such as getting a chance to connect with tenants on a more personal level, cons also do exist such as […]

Ep. 126 | Interview With MHP Owner Ryan Smith. Evaluating Risk, Reward, and Opportunities

This week we are joined by Ryan Smith, a mobile home park owner —  founder of Elevation Capital Group. Elevation is a respected leader in the alternative real estate investment arena and exclusively focuses on two very niched property types: manufactured housing communities and storage facilities. Through its affiliates, Elevation has acquired over $600 million […]

Ep. 124 | Forty Things To Look For When Doing A Site Visit

This week on The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast…Get to know the Do’s and Don’ts when doing a site visit. Learn every detail that needs to be checked, look for, and consider before doing the investment. Join Ferd Niemann as he shares his strategy for a good Mobile Home Park Investment. Highlights of the episode: […]