Ep. 141 | Pros and Cons of Buying A Small Mobile Home Park


This week’s episode is about the pros and cons of owning a small mobile home park. Ferd Niemann shares the pros and cons of buying a small mobile home park. While some pros exist such as getting a chance to connect with tenants on a more personal level, cons also do exist such as not having the ability to hire a full time property manager. In addition to this discussion of contrast between the two, Ferd also weighs in by using his personal experience as a small mobile home park owner and addresses the problems that he faced and had overcome.

Highlights of the episode:
00:20 – What Is A small park
01:21 – Initial Cons of owning a small park
03:24 – Paying The Park In Cash
03:40 – Not having a full time manager
03:52 – Finding at a higher cap rate
05:00 – Easier to Zone
05:23 – Less tenants equal less headaches
05:34 – 1 vacant unit will be a big hit to the business
06:06 – Getting more personal with the tenants
06:34 – Issues with scaling
07:53 – Conclusion

Notable Quotes

“In general, smaller parks are going to cost less, it’d be cheaper and require less cash.” – Ferd Niemann
“It may be a nice trial park, depending on where you are financially.” – Ferd Niemann
“You could know all the tenants by name” – Ferd Niemann

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