EP. 190 | Case Study: How to Survive a Deal when Everything Seems to Go Wrong

Welcome to another episode of the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast with your host, Ferd Niemann. In this Independence Day special, we celebrate freedom and community while diving deep into the world of mobile home parks. In this episode, Ferd dives into a case study that showcases how to manage a mobile home park investment […]

Ep. 190 | Interview with Jordan Savitzky on Mobile Home Park Investments and Operational Insights

Welcome back to the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast! Today, we’re excited to bring you a wealth of knowledge from our distinguished guest, Jordan Savitzky, with 50 West Capital. Jordan is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in various business ventures, including real estate and mobile home park (MHP) investments. In this episode, Jordan shares […]

Ep.188 | Interview with Walter Johnson on Marketing to Find Deals Directly

Welcome to a new episode! Today, we take a deep dive into the world of real estate investment and market dynamics with our distinguished guest, Walter Johnson, Founder & CEO of SONOS Capital. With over 16 years of experience spanning the Real Estate and Banking Industries, Walter brings a wealth of expertise to the table. […]

Ep. 148 | How to Break Into Mobile Home Parks

In today’s episode, we talk to Dustin Maxwell. Dustin is a commercial airline pilot who lives overseas while managing and owning mobile home parks throughout the United States, but mostly in the Southeast. Dustin always had a business sense. He emphasizes on building connections with people, reaching out and putting yourself out there. Having open […]

Ep. 147 | Working with the Community to Improve and Build a Portfolio

  In today’s episode, we talk to Craig Napoliello. Craig is a real estate hustler, owned a couple of multi-family properties, but now focuses on mobile home parks. Craig got into mobile home parks for about three years now and ended up selling 1031 of his multi-family properties to deepen his interest in real estate. […]

Ep. 145 | How To Wholesale and Buy Mobile Home Parks as a Side Hustle

In today’s episode, we talk to Eric Lindsey. Eric is a real estate hustler, owns and flips mobile home parks while investing in homes and apartments. Eric got into Mobile home parks four to five years ago as a solution to address his job instability in the construction arena. After having encountered several layoffs, finding […]

Ep. 136 | Interview With Victor Alves How To Transition From Single Family

 In this week’s episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, we have Victor Alves, a real estate entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Vecno capital. Victor was a former sales district manager for a Fortune 500 company, who won several top performance awards before pursuing his career in real estate investing. He is a licensed […]

Ep. 134 | Interview With MHP Owner Bryce Robertson How To Mitigate Risk in Underwriting

In this week’s episode, we have Bryce Robertson, known as “Your Real Estate Mate”, an Aussie-born real estate entrepreneur, adventurer, and founder of PropertyWorkz.  After several trips around the world, Bryce decided to focus on real estate investing to achieve his goal of having a freedom lifestyle. He began acquiring a $570,000 mobile home park […]

Ep. 124 | Forty Things To Look For When Doing A Site Visit

This week on The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast…Get to know the Do’s and Don’ts when doing a site visit. Learn every detail that needs to be checked, look for, and consider before doing the investment. Join Ferd Niemann as he shares his strategy for a good Mobile Home Park Investment. Highlights of the episode: […]