Ep. 148 | How to Break Into Mobile Home Parks

In today’s episode, we talk to Dustin Maxwell. Dustin is a commercial airline pilot who lives overseas while managing and owning mobile home parks throughout the United States, but mostly in the Southeast. Dustin always had a business sense. He emphasizes on building connections with people, reaching out and putting yourself out there. Having open […]

Ep. 147 | Working with the Community to Improve and Build a Portfolio

  In today’s episode, we talk to Craig Napoliello. Craig is a real estate hustler, owned a couple of multi-family properties, but now focuses on mobile home parks. Craig got into mobile home parks for about three years now and ended up selling 1031 of his multi-family properties to deepen his interest in real estate. […]

Ep. 145 | How To Wholesale and Buy Mobile Home Parks as a Side Hustle

In today’s episode, we talk to Eric Lindsey. Eric is a real estate hustler, owns and flips mobile home parks while investing in homes and apartments. Eric got into Mobile home parks four to five years ago as a solution to address his job instability in the construction arena. After having encountered several layoffs, finding […]

Ep. 136 | Interview With Victor Alves How To Transition From Single Family

 In this week’s episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, we have Victor Alves, a real estate entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Vecno capital. Victor was a former sales district manager for a Fortune 500 company, who won several top performance awards before pursuing his career in real estate investing. He is a licensed […]

Ep. 134 | Interview With MHP Owner Bryce Robertson How To Mitigate Risk in Underwriting

In this week’s episode, we have Bryce Robertson, known as “Your Real Estate Mate”, an Aussie-born real estate entrepreneur, adventurer, and founder of PropertyWorkz.  After several trips around the world, Bryce decided to focus on real estate investing to achieve his goal of having a freedom lifestyle. He began acquiring a $570,000 mobile home park […]

Ep. 124 | Forty Things To Look For When Doing A Site Visit

This week on The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast…Get to know the Do’s and Don’ts when doing a site visit. Learn every detail that needs to be checked, look for, and consider before doing the investment. Join Ferd Niemann as he shares his strategy for a good Mobile Home Park Investment. Highlights of the episode: […]