Ep. 165 | Ferd Niemann on How To Make More With Less. Bigger Splits For the GP Beats More Pads!

  In the latest episode of The Mobile Home Parks, host Ferd Niemann discusses his experience as a mobile home park owner operator. Niemann shares a quote by Bill Gates that inspires his approach to work: “Give a lazy person a hard job because they’ll find an easy way to do it.” Although Niemann is […]

Ep. 164 | Interview with Vincent Tao and Elizabeth Woods on Quitting Your Job and Becoming RE Investors

In today’s episode of the The Mobile Home Parks podcast, we sit down with Vincent Tao and Elizabeth Woods, who made the bold decision to leave their jobs and pursue a career in lease communities and apartment rentals. Despite the perceived challenges in the industry, Vincent and Elizabeth have found great success through their innovative […]

Ep. 163 | Interview With MHP Owner and Operator Yoel Kelman on How to Grow an MHP Company

In today’s episode, we welcome Yoel Kelman of Three Pillar Communities. He is a big operator. Yoel started with a partner to invest in mobile home parks, and they’ve got parks all over the country. He also has a background in Accountancy and financial consultancy. While it may seem that the mobile home park business […]

Ep. 146 | How to Minimize Tax Impact and Win as a Mobile Home Park Owner

In today’s episode, we will be having a conversation with Gerard O’Sullivan. Gerard O’Sullivan is a successful businessman and a mobile home park investor and operator. He has been investing actively and passively in multifamily for 20 years and just recently got into mobile home parks for 2 years. He learned that while the depreciation […]

Ep. 128 | Is The MHP Star Rating Relevant with Ferd Niemann

Welcome back to The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast. In this week’s episode, Ferd enlightens us about the relevance of the Mobile Home Park Star Rating System. Star ratings help identify and categorize Parks based on certain criteria. This system also works as a guide for MHP improvements. Discover the one to five-star criteria and […]