Ep. 164 | Interview with Vincent Tao and Elizabeth Woods on Quitting Your Job and Becoming RE Investors


In today’s episode of the The Mobile Home Parks podcast, we sit down with Vincent Tao and Elizabeth Woods, who made the bold decision to leave their jobs and pursue a career in lease communities and apartment rentals. Despite the perceived challenges in the industry, Vincent and Elizabeth have found great success through their innovative strategies and unwavering determination.

During the episode, they share their journey and experiences in the field, offering valuable insights and tips for anyone interested in the business. With their passion and expertise, Vincent and Elizabeth have become trailblazers in the industry, inspiring others to follow their dreams and create successful ventures in the mobile home park space.

Don’t miss this engaging and inspiring episode of The Mobile Home Parks!


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:41 Guest Introduction & Background: Vincent Tao & Elizabeth Woods

00:08:29 How They Found a Couple of Their Deals & Other Operations

00:14:46 Creative Strategies in the Mobile Home Park Space vs. Apartments

00:19:23 Virtual Assistant System

00:23:05 Rental Assistance Programs

00:26:32 Government Programs 

00:30:00 Their Other Tips, Tricks and Stories 

00:32:42 The Financing

00:37:04 Loan Brokers

00:38:39 Closing


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