Ep. 128 | Is The MHP Star Rating Relevant with Ferd Niemann


Welcome back to The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast. In this week’s episode, Ferd enlightens us about the relevance of the Mobile Home Park Star Rating System. Star ratings help identify and categorize Parks based on certain criteria. This system also works as a guide for MHP improvements.

Discover the one to five-star criteria and its overall relevance to mobile home park investing by tuning into this episode. As Ferd has, you’ll also want to get familiar.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00 – Episode Intro
01:26 – History of the Star Rating System
03:24 – One Star Rating Criteria
04:48 – Two-Star Rating Criteria
05:23 – Three-Star Rating Criteria
06:01 – Four Star Rating Criteria
08:00 – Five Star Rating Criteria
11:35 – Closing thoughts

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