Ep. 175 | Interview with Ben Braband on How to Acquire MHPs with a Strategic Approach Towards Growth



In this episode, we sit down with Ben Braband, the owner of Saddleback Valley Communities, a mobile home park portfolio spanning 46 parks across 9 states. With experience as a former Los Angeles Police Officer and Naval Intelligence Specialist, Ben brings a unique perspective to real estate investment.

Ben shares his journey in mobile home park investments, focusing on mitigating risks to compete with REITs. He also discusses raising capital in uncertain times and the challenges of borrowing money in today’s real estate market.

Listeners will gain insights into the current real estate market challenges and strategies for growing and scaling a business. If you’re seeking tips and tricks from a seasoned pro, don’t miss this episode. Tune in now!

Highlights of the episode:
00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Ben Braband
00:01:19 Ben Bravin’s Mobile Home Park Journey
00:05:01 Mitigating risk to compete with REITs
00:10:00 Raising capital in uncertain times
00:15:00 The Challenges of Borrowing Money in Today’s Market
00:20:01 Real Estate Market Challenges
00:25:01 Strategies for Growing a Business
00:30:01 Strategies for scaling a business
00:35:01 Scaling a business: Considerations and Challenges
00:37:50 Tips and Tricks
00:39:28 Closing

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Connecting with Guest:
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