Ep. 178: Interview With Tim Woodbridge on Buying MHPs While Maintaining Happiness



Welcome to another episode! Today, we’re talking with Tim Woodbridge, a multifamily real estate owner/operator with a journey into mobile home park investing.

In December 2019, Tim acquired his first mobile home park, and now he oversees a portfolio of nine parks with just under 300 lots. His focus is on transforming distressed multifamily assets into thriving communities.

A former registered nurse for over eight years, Tim transitioned from healthcare to mobile home park investing within two years of his first acquisition.

In this episode, Tim discusses working smarter, recognizing deal parameters, the benefits of appraisals, actions for successful refinancing and real estate investing, planning for unexpected challenges, and the significance of working with brokers in real estate investing.

For those interested in mobile home park investing, Tim Woodbridge’s journey provides insights into the practicalities of working with brokers, navigating mobile home parks, and making strategic moves in the dynamic world of real estate. Tune in for a no-frills exploration of the industry from an experienced perspective.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Tim Woodbridge

00:01:27 Tim Woodbridge’s Journey into Mobile Home Park Investing

00:05:00 Working smarter, not harder

00:10:02 Recognizing what you don’t want in a deal

00:15:00 Benefits of Appraisals.

00:20:01 Taking Action for Refinancing and Real Estate Investing

00:25:00 Planning for the unexpected

00:30:00 The importance of good brokers

00:35:00 Working with brokers in real estate investing

00:40:01 Learning about mobile home parks

00:45:01 Tim Woodbridge’s Helping Hand

00:45:55 Closing


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