Ep. 176 | Interview with Jose Garcia on Working with Lonnie Dealers and Home Flippers in your MHP



In this episode, we sit down with Jose Garcia, widely known as the ‘Trailer Park King’ and the best-selling author of ‘How to Become the Next Mobile Home Millionaire.’ With over seven years of experience in mobile home park investing, Jose covers the southeastern United States and is on a mission to expand even further. He’s an investor, coach, and mentor, guiding others to tap into the potential of mobile homes and trailer parks.

In this conversation, Jose shares his journey in mobile home park investing, the role of Lonnie dealers, tips for tenant screening, unique considerations in mobile home investing, and how to deal with delays in lot rent while maintaining transparency. If you’re looking for valuable insights from an industry expert, this episode is a must watch. Tune in now!


Highlights of the episode:
00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Jose Garcia
00:01:22 Jose’s Journey to Mobile Home Park Investing
00:05:00 Investing in Mobile Homes with Lonnie dealers
00:10:01 Screening tenants for mobile home parks
00:15:01 Mobile Home Investing Considerations
00:20:00 Delays in lot rent and transparency
00:21:50 Closing


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