Ep. 183 | Interview with Pasha Esfandiary on Buying Parks Before They’re All Gone and Buying With Scale


Welcome to our latest episode! Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the dynamic world of Mobile Home Park investing with a true visionary, Pasha Esfandiary, CEO of Evoke Capital. Pasha’s journey from professional poker player to mobile home park investor is as fascinating as it is enlightening.

With a career spanning over a decade in real estate, Pasha has amassed a wealth of experience, orchestrating over $250 million in transactions across various asset types. From flipping homes to managing large multifamily properties, his expertise knows no bounds.

In early 2021, Pasha founded Evoke Capital, driven by his unwavering commitment to prioritizing people above all else. With a portfolio boasting 1850+ lots, Evoke Capital stands as a testament to Pasha’s dedication to fostering financial freedom through real estate investing.

In this captivating episode, Pasha shares invaluable insights into the intricacies of infill projects and their pivotal role in company growth. From strategies for investing in mobile home parks to the nuances of underwriting infill homes, Pasha offers a masterclass in navigating the challenges of the real estate landscape.

Drawing on his philosophy of prioritizing experiences over wealth, Pasha discusses the importance of creating scalable systems in business and the transformative power of partnerships and education in unlocking true scalability.

Join us for a riveting conversation with Pasha Esfandiary, where wisdom meets inspiration, and the pursuit of financial freedom takes center stage. Tune in now to discover the secrets to success in Moblie home park investing, straight from the visionary mind of Pasha Esfandiary!


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Pasha Esfandiary

00:00:53 The journey of a professional poker player turned mobile home park investor

00:05:00 The importance and challenges of infill projects in company growth

00:10:01 Strategies for investing in mobile home parks

00:15:01 Challenges and variations in the process of underwriting infill homes 

00:20:00 The benefits of a conservative approach in business

00:25:01 The challenges of selling mobile homes and the importance of creating systems for business scalability

00:30:00 The importance of experiences over wealth

00:35:01 Unlocking scalability through partnerships and education in real estate


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