Ep. 180 | Interview with Jason Postill & Tyler Lekas on How to Grow Quickly in a Target Market


Welcome to our latest episode. Today, we’re honored to have Jason Postill and Tyler Lekas, distinguished figures in the mobile home park investment field, sharing their expertise.

Jason Postill
After concluding his professional baseball career in 2015, Jason ventured into real estate, making significant strides. Joining a publicly traded real estate investment firm transacting over $46 billion annually, he specialized in multifamily and apartment property transactions. In 2019, Jason co-founded MHCI Group, now the largest private owner of mobile home parks in Arkansas. His expertise encompasses strategic planning, company systems, and operations, with direct responsibilities in marketing operations, acquisitions, debt placement, and investor relations.

Tyler Lekas
Tyler’s career began as a Financial Advisor, managing a hybrid book of retail and institutional money at Stifel Nicolaus. In 2017, he delved into mobile home park acquisitions, swiftly becoming a prominent figure. As a partner in MHCI Group, Tyler oversees property management, construction, inspections, private utility expertise, and new/used home infills within each property.

In this episode, Jason and Tyler share insights into various aspects of mobile home park investment. They discuss their strategies for success in acquiring and stabilizing mobile home parks, the nuances of investing in this unique sector, and the complexities of due diligence when purchasing lots for houses. Gain a peek into the decision-making processes of mobile home park tenants and delve into the challenges and risks associated with giving away houses for free. Learn how to turn challenges into profitable opportunities with success stories in Handyman Specials. The duo also reveals their proven methods for maximizing profits while minimizing costs and the effectiveness of cold calling in the mobile home park business. Gain firsthand insights into the hurdles and triumphs of operating mobile home parks. Join us for an episode packed with valuable insights, industry wisdom, and practical advice Tune in now!

Highlights of the episode:
00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Jason Postill and Tyler Lekas
00:01:02 Tyler & Jason’s success in Mobile Home Parks
00:05:01 Acquiring and stabilizing mobile home parks
00:10:01 Investing in a mobile home park
00:15:00  Due diligence for purchasing lots for houses.
00:20:01 Understanding Tenant Decisions
00:25:03 The risks of giving away houses for free
00:30:01 Success with Handyman Specials
00:35:00 Maximizing profits and minimizing costs
00:40:01 Cold Calling: The Most Effective Way
00:45:01 Challenges of operating mobile home parks


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