Ep. 181 | Interview With Kirby Horton on Adding Value to Communities


Welcome to another episode! We sit down with Kirby Horton, Co-Chief Executive Officer of The Firm Inc., a seasoned expert with over 30 years in the insurance business and a remarkable 16 years dedicated to the world of manufactured housing. Kirby brings a wealth of knowledge acquired through years of buying, selling, and operating mobile home parks, primarily in the dynamic southeast US.


In this episode, Kirby shares invaluable insights and advice on wealth generation in the mobile home park arena. From the successful acquisition and improvement of mobile home parks to strategies for a seamless exit, Kirby delves into the finer points of the industry. He discusses the pivotal role of creating a welcoming environment for businesses and the challenges faced when adapting to evolving circumstances.


Kirby also emphasizes the importance of empowering and supporting community managers, incentivizing home improvements within mobile home parks, and the considerations one must weigh when buying new homes in communities. Join us as Kirby unravels the intricate process of preparing a lot for a manufactured home and sheds light on the changing terminology within the mobile home park industry.


Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone intrigued by the mobile home park landscape, this episode promises a wealth of information and actionable insights. Tune in now for a masterclass in mobile home park investing!


Highlights of the episode:
00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Kirby Horton
00:01:51 Insights and advice for generating wealth in mobile home parks
00:05:00 The success of purchasing and improving mobile home park
00:10:02 Strategies for successfully exiting a mobile home park
00:15:00 The importance of a welcoming environment for businesses and the challenges faced when adapting to changing circumstances
00:20:02 Empowering and supporting community managers
00:25:00 Incentivizing home improvements in a mobile home park
00:30:01 Considerations when buying new homes in communities
00:35:01 The process of preparing a lot for a manufactured home
00:40:04 Changing terminology in the mobile home park industry


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