Ep. 174 | Interview with Shawn Dwyer on How to Get Started Buying MHPs While Working a W2 Job


In this podcast episode, we interview Shawn Dwyer, the founder of Golden Oak REI and a seasoned Mobile Home Community Real Estate Investor. Shawn’s mission is to assist busy professionals in creating passive income through recession-resistant real estate investments, offering solid returns with minimal risk.

During this insightful discussion, Shawn delves into the nuances of Mobile Home Park analysis. He shares practical insights on navigating the market, considering the impact of narrow target criteria on deal discovery. Drawing from his extensive experience, Shawn reflects on the challenges and successes of managing his first park, offering valuable lessons for prospective investors.

The conversation goes deeper as Shawn provides pragmatic advice for finding deals in today’s competitive landscape. A notable highlight is Shawn’s exploration of seller receptiveness, revealing the percentages of sellers open to discussion versus those who are more hesitant. He also discusses negotiation strategies, a crucial skill for successful real estate investing.

For those seeking to embark on the path to passive income through recession-resistant real estate investing, this episode is a valuable resource. Shawn Dwyer’s expertise and commitment to assisting busy professionals will leave you informed and well-prepared to navigate the mobile home community real estate sector. Tune in to gain insights on your journey toward financial security!

Highlights of the episode:
00:00:42 Guest Introduction & Background: Sean Dwyer
00:03:22 Analysing Mobile Home Parks
00:04:59 How narrow targets affect finding deals
00:06:29 Managing the first park
00:07:34 Best lessons learned from the first park
00:10:50 Finding deals now
00:11:37 Percentage of sellers  that are open to discussion
vs. unwilling to discuss
00:17:45 Dealing with sellers
00:22:41 Tips Tricks and suggestions
00:23:30 Closing


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