Ep. 156 | Ferd Niemann on How To Write A Cover Letter to LP or Passive Investors

Today, we discuss the importance of a written correspondence especially for investors. Most real estate transactions require some form of written contract, and it’s very important that this portion of the transaction be addressed quickly and efficiently! Even simple verbal agreements can cause major problems, especially during periods of high volume. Many investors rely on […]

Ep. 152 | Ferd Niemann on Being Obstinate and How It Can Save the Day

We all know that mobile home parks are a great way to achieve a sense of stability in our lives. However, one of the downsides of being so settled is that when something goes wrong—like a leaky pipe, gas lines or a rowdy neighbor, it can be tough to get things fixed. When it comes […]

Ep. 151 | Ferd Niemann on the Factors to Consider when Selecting a Title Company

  The title company you select is critical to your success when buying real estate. An experienced and reliable title company will be experienced in negotiating potentially challenging real estate closing situations smoothly. So, how can you ensure the title company you choose is a good choice? Tune in as Ferd discusses this topic.   […]

Ep. 150 | Interview With Jonathan Gilmore: Escrow Holdback Agreement

In a neighborhood with no documentation of water and sewer lines, where the only hold back agreement will be your word, how do you know if the people who came before you did their plumbing right? In today’s episode, we will learn the importance of legal documentation as we discuss the pros and cons behind […]