Ep. 156 | Ferd Niemann on How To Write A Cover Letter to LP or Passive Investors


Today, we discuss the importance of a written correspondence especially for investors. Most real estate transactions require some form of written contract, and it’s very important that this portion of the transaction be addressed quickly and efficiently!

Even simple verbal agreements can cause major problems, especially during periods of high volume. Many investors rely on automatically generated e-contracts which have been customized to their needs.

A lot of people don’t realize that the way you word a letter can have significant consequences on its outcome. A written correspondence is vital to protect your interests and is essential to protect both the buyer and the seller. It provides the recipient with clear notice and evidence of your intentions in a timely manner. 

Hence why it’s so important to be precise when writing a legal correspondence in real estate.


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:32 Podcast Intro

00:01:58 Basic Good Practices

00:07:24 Subscription Agreement

00:09:54 Target Internal Return Quote

00:10:36 Property Management Agreement Assumptions

00:13:19 Capacity Offering

00:17:42 Sample Execution Letters

00:23:12 Closing


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