Ep. 150 | Interview With Jonathan Gilmore: Escrow Holdback Agreement


In a neighborhood with no documentation of water and sewer lines, where the only hold back agreement will be your word, how do you know if the people who came before you did their plumbing right? In today’s episode, we will learn the importance of legal documentation as we discuss the pros and cons behind Escrow Holdback Agreements.

Our guest for today is Jonathan Gilmore. Jonathan is a real estate transactional attorney with over 12 years of experience, who is highly skilled in managing transactions involving land and buildings of every type and nature. Jonathan currently specializes in helping clients buy, sell, lease, finance, and raise capital for real estate deals in homebuilding, multi-family, manufactured housing and commercial real estate sectors. 

Escrow Holdback Agreements are an important tool to protect buyers and sellers alike. However, they may sometimes confuse clients or delay the entire real estate closing process due to complicated legal clauses. This is why Jonathan emphasizes that if you are considering buying a property, you should know that there are certain legalities to consider.


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:38 Guest Intro : Jonathan Gilmore 

00:01:10 What Is an Escrow Holdback Agreement?

00:05:30 Less Sophisticated Sellers

00:07:31 Closing Deliverable

00:10:00 Title Companies

00:12:35 Small Firm vs. Big Firm

00:15:45 Lender

00:18:00 What Happens if There’s a Fight?

00:20:00 Discussion of Rights

00:23:45 Assignability 

00:24:59 Risks of Market and Supply Chain Change

00:29:00 Fire and Other Risks

00:36:40 Closing


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