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The MHP Law Firm consists of a unique mix of Attorneys that are able to provide a wide range of world-class expertise when it comes to the manufactured home park space.

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Founded by Top 100 MHP Owner/Operator Ferd Niemann (host of “The Mobile Home Lawyer Podcast”), The MHP Law Firm is an industry when it comes to representing owners of Mobile Home Parks (aka Manufactured Housing Communities). Our firm represents over 100 MHP owners, from first time buyers to large operators and funds. 

We handle all things real estate and mobile home parks including: syndications, contracts, leases, title/survey review, lender documents, corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, zoning and development, litigation, business consulting, financial analysis, tax appeals, and more.

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Our attorneys are experienced in reviewing, drafting, and amending all types of contracts to a real estate transaction. 

Often times, contracts contain poorly drafted provisions and terms that an ordinary individual may not see; and as a result, will have to tough the mistake of not hiring an attorney to oversee their real estate contracts.

 The MHP Law Firm can help you protect your interests by diligently analyzing your real estate contracts, with your personal and business goals and best interests in mind.

The attorneys at our firm are experienced in real estate syndications. 

We are able to assist you in making sure that your real estate syndication is successful.

Zoning and Land Use is a vital part of your mobile home park investment. Time after time, we see investors make the mistake of not hiring an attorney to analyze the Zoning and Land Use of their Park; and as a result, a City or County will not allow the investor to infill lots with mobile homes or RVs. Such a mistake can lead to catastrophic losses in your original investment.

Allow our expert attorneys to conduct such an analysis and obtain an official zoning verification letter that will ultimately protects your investment.

Due Diligence for any real estate transaction can be a very complicated and arduous process–especially when it comes to mobile home parks. Allow our skilled attorneys to guide you through this labyrinth successfully.

There are many ways to structure your business entities in real estate. We know the most efficient ways to accomplish this. We can help you get your business entities set up as well as draft an operating agreement for each entity to protect your best interests.

Our talented attorneys and team has spent a considerable amount of time throughout the years constantly researching and drafting lease templates and lease memorandums in accordance with the laws of every state (including manufactured housing laws) within the United States.

We have done all of this hard work so that you do not have to. Allow us to assist you in all of your lease matters and guide you towards successfully drafting your mobile home park lease.

Mobile Home Park Regulations can be a headache, especially when considering them on a federal, state, and local scale. As a law firm that constantly aids in national real estate investors accomplish their goals, we are experienced in Mobile Home Park Regulations. 

Do you know the commonly missed items to look for when analyzing real estate titles? This is an important step in completing your real estate transaction, and our attorneys are experts in title review.

Reviewing your loan documents is extremely important to completing your real estate transaction and protecting your investment.

Our firm is able to assist you in navigating through your complex loan documents. 

Our firm is capable of aiding you in the underwriting process.

Having a plan for the future is always an essential to having a peaceful mind. Our firm is committed to helping our clients create an estate plan that will protect you, your family, and your property.

Do you know how to conduct a financial analysis on your mobile home park acquisition or sale? A financial analysis on a mobile home park deal is much different than your normal real estate transaction.

Through our vast experience and financially competent team, we are able to provide diligent and high quality financial analysis catered towards your real estate transaction. 

The National Tax Union Foundation estimates that between 30 and 60 percent of taxable property in the United States are over-assessed; thus, leading to unfair and illegal increases in property taxes. Yet, typically only fewer than 5 percent of taxpayers challenge their assessments. Over-assessed property taxes can make a major impact in the valuation of your real estate.

Our firm has the privilege of having an expert attorney in property taxes who has a background working as a property tax assessor in one of the most populated areas in the United States. We can help you analyze and lower your over-assessed property taxes.

Our firm regularly deals with complex real estate taxes and accounting issues. We are confident that we are able to assist you in any tax and accounting inquiries that you may have.

We are able draft your Private Placement Memorandum, tailored to your investment goals, from start to finish.

Many municipalities are incompetent when it comes to affordable housing and mobile home parks.

Do not let a municipality’s ignorance compromise your investment or take advantage of your circumstances. Throughout the years our attorneys have experience with dealing with a broad range of municipal law issues. We have your back.

The Rules and Regulations that a Mobile Home Park Owner may enforce are largely dependent on your state laws. 

As a law firm that deals with hundreds of national clients, we are accustomed to the laws of many states in terms of what you may include in your Park’s Rules and Regulations. We also know what rules and regulations should be included in order to protect your investment.

We are able to assist you in your management goals, tailored to your best interests.

Throughout the years, we have had many experiences with mobile home park personnel. Hiring the right people for your mobile home park is essential to protecting your investment. Allow us to give you expert advice on this, tailored to your circumstances.

Negotiation is more than just a science–it is an art. No negotiation is the same, and we are prepared to rearrange the pieces of the chess board to help you accomplish your goals. Finding an attorney that will truly advocate for your personal and business goals is a rarity. We are here to fill that position.

Our attorneys have touched around half a billion dollars of real estate transactions and know the ins and outs of a real estate transaction like the back of their hands. We have your back.

Our firm is capable of handling litigation matters effectively and efficiently to produce positive results. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about how we can help you navigate your legal disputes.

The services that we are able to provide in the Manufactured/Mobile Home Park and Real Estate Sector grows by the day. 

Do you have a complex or unique issue? Let us know, and we may be able to assist. Our hardworking attorneys and staff are adept in problem solving, no matter how high the hurdle.

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