Ep. 142 | Understanding the Importance of Seller Deliverable Requirements

It’s always critical to your deal the level of due diligence you can apply before purchasing a property. In this episode of the MHP Lawyer Podcast, Ferd Niemann shares his own due diligence list specific to mobile home parks and highlights the importance behind each one of them to how they can be leveraged strategically […]

Ep. 135 | Interview With Adam Sobieski How To Own Parks and Be A Lifestyle Investor

 Joining us for this week’s episode is Adam Sobieski, a real estate investor, professional coach, speaker, and president of Sobieski INC. Adam set a world-class track record in sales but after the recession, he started to venture into real estate, buying single-family homes for respectable cash flow. Initially, mobile home parks were not on […]

Ep. 123 | Twenty Plus Post Closing Tasks

Welcome back to the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast. In this episode, Ferd Niemann talks about the post-closing tasks after every property acquisition. Post-closing tasks are a critical part of the acquisition process to ensure that no aspects or details of the property acquisition are overlooked. Consequently, saving time and money. Highlights of the episode: […]