Ep. 157 | Interview with Mitchel Armstrong on How To Hustle, Network, and Persevere Into MHP Success


Networking has become more robust in this day and age. Being in the right place at the right time and referrals through word of mouth has always been a reliable method of getting more business. But you’d be surprised how many opportunities there are in places like the Facebook Marketplace.
Let’s explore these opportunities with Mitchel Armstrong as he shows us how he expanded his hustle to find some great deals and lenders online.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00:32 Guest Introduction
00:01:32 How to make your first jump into Real Estate
00:02:20 Flipping a bad Property situation into a Good one
00:03:25 Using Zillow Effectively
00:06:17 How to get an Easy Contract in a short period of time
00:12:19 Finding a bigger investor VS several small investors
00:20:20 The Next Move on Extra Income
00:33:55 Closing

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