Ep. 86 | Interview With MHP Owner Jeff Cook – Navigating Rent Control and Regulation


On this episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer, Ferd is joined by MHP owner/operator, syndicator, and investor Jeff Cook. Ferd and Jeff discuss navigating rent control and government regulations, affordable housing, and the importance of communication with your investors. Jeff shares an MHP horror story as well as his best advice, tips, and tricks.



0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Jeff talks about his background and how he got into MHP
2:09 – Jeff’s entire portfolio is in New York
2:41 – Jeff explains how New York is more difficult to operate in than other states
7:08 – Ferd asks Jeff how rent control impacts him on vacant lots
9:05 – Jeff talks about being in the affordable housing market
10:24 – Jeff speaks on rent control and how MHP owners need to remember that there are people living in the MHP’s, it’s not just all about numbers
12:39 – Ferd asks Jeff what tips and tricks has he learned throughout the years
14:18 – Ferd asks Jeff his strategies he uses to raise funds in short order
18:37 – Jeff discusses communicating with his team and how they all stay up to speed with each other
22:56 – Jeff likes to give a lot of authority to his regional managers
25:03 – Jeff shares an MHP horror story



Website: cookpropertiesny.com
Email: jcookproperties@gmail.com





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