Ep. 187 | Interview with Chuck Schierbeck on Manufactured Mastery: Navigating Mobile Home Investments and Market Trends


Welcome to a new episode! Today we take a deep dive into the world of manufactured housing and commercial real estate with our distinguished guest, Chuck Schierbeck II, MAI, MICP. As a seasoned Valuation Services Director and a real estate market analyst with a nationwide reputation, Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in appraising and analyzing property across the United States.

With experience spanning four decades and assignments completed in over 40 states, Chuck has become a trusted voice in the industry, particularly in the niche of manufactured home communities. Whether it’s office buildings, regional shopping malls, industrial facilities, or multifamily residential developments, Chuck has done it all.

In this episode, Chuck unpacks the current state of the real estate market in the wake of the pandemic, detailing how shifts in the market have impacted property values and sales. He’ll delve into the intricate dynamics of property valuation, discussing the critical factors that influence the classification and worth of properties, and share his seasoned perspective on the specific expenses and ratios relevant to the manufactured housing industry.

Furthermore, Chuck will highlight the unique benefits and considerations of investing in a 55+ community in Buffalo, NY, and offer his expert advice on valuing properties and sidestepping common pitfalls. For those looking to enhance the occupancy and profitability of park home communities, Chuck’s insights into effective strategies are invaluable.

Don’t miss this chance to gain crucial insights from Charles Schierbeck as he navigates through these complex topics, offering guidance that could redefine your understanding of real estate investment. Tune in now to discover cutting-edge strategies and ensure your investments are both savvy and secure in today’s ever-evolving market landscape!

Highlights of the episode:

00:00:36 Guest Introduction & Background: Chuck Schierbeck

00:02:50 The current state of the real estate market and its relation to the pandemic

00:04:58 The impact of the pandemic on the sales market and property values

00:09:57 Factors affecting property value and the classification of properties

00:14:27 The expenses and expense ratios in the manufactured housing industry

00:19:53 The benefits and considerations of a 55+ community in Buffalo, NY

00:24:58 Valuing properties and avoiding common mistakes

00:29:57 Exploring strategies for increasing occupancy and profitability in park home communities

00:34:59 Insights on real estate and upcoming event

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