Ep. 169 | Ferd Niemann on How Ancillary Services Provide Value and Resident Satisfaction


In today’s episode, we delve into the current state of the real estate market and the impact it has on property management operations. The episode explores how acquisitions have decreased due to the current interest rate environment and how operators are turning to improving their operations to increase resident satisfaction.

Throughout the episode, we provide insightful commentary on the importance of ancillary services in enhancing the overall resident experience. We also highlight the impact that these services have on a property’s reputation and the potential for increased occupancy rates and resident retention.

Overall, the episode offers a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the real estate market and how operators can enhance their operations to provide greater value to their residents. It provides useful insights for property managers and investors alike, highlighting the importance of investing in ancillary services to increase resident satisfaction and drive long-term success.

Highlights of the episode:

00:01:18 How Ancillary Services Provide Value in Resident Satisfaction

00:03:09 Ghost Showings or Virtual Showings

00:05:24 Standard to Customized  Reporting

00:09:13 Control Who the Trash Company Is

00:11:23 Collaborate With a Local Charity or School for Other Government Services

00:15:07 Outsourcing

00:18:37 Home Insurances

00:21:47 Putting in Cost Saving Devices

00:24:07 Closing


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