Ep. 161 | Interview With Bryce McMurry on Growing A Portfolio With A Contractor Mindset



In today’s episode, we welcome Bryce McMurry to discuss how you can grow your portfolio with the help of his expertise in the contractor field.

Bryan and his partners have “adding value to properties” as their niche in their construction projects. He emphasizes that property values may be stagnant because of a shortage of construction skills. However, there could be a lot of time management involved.

That is why when real success happens in your business, the ability to effectively manage your workload is a crucial factor. A new survey finds that excessive workload is one of the main reasons developers are turning away from construction, so being able to manage your employees’ workload and other tasks is very important. 

Bryan advises; “Don’t be the guy that’s just hanging out in the office. Go on site. Walk the property, and talk personally to all the contractors.” This way, you add value to your property and improve how you properly manage your business.


Highlights of the episode:

00:01:11 Guest Background: Bryce McMurry

00:02:14 How to Capitalize on Construction Projects

00:07:08 Hiring Experts

00:13:53 Managing Workload

00:20:54 Advantages of Metal

00:26:52 Closing


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