Ep. 159 | Ferd Niemann on the Legal Risks For the Unweary, Navigating the Acquisition


Today, we discuss the risks that come with property acquisition.

In today’s real estate market, home purchases may not always result in what you expected. It’s not just the property itself, but also the hidden traps of the contracts that can bite you. Whether you are buying a new or existing home, duplex, triplex, or commercial property, there are many legal matters to consider.

Buying a home can be a time-consuming and daunting process, especially with the ever-changing regulatory climate. But did you know that some title insurance providers may be exposed to the risk of future licensing or regulatory requirements?

If you don’t protect yourself right away, it will be too late — after your money is lost.

Listen to this episode and learn how you can protect yourself.


Highlights of the episode:

00:01:08 Letter of Intent

00:03:24 Contract

00:04:10 Endorsement Offer

00:04:41 Survey 

00:05:59 Phase One Environmental

00:08:23 City’s Police Power

00:09:04 Concerning Bank Documents

00:13:00 Closing Instruction Letter

00:16:30 Closing


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