Ep. 158 | Interview With Ryan White on Navigating the Evictions Process


Today, we discuss both the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords when it comes to property real estate renting and or leasing.

A landlord’s desire for security and a tenant’s right to a safe and habitable residence are often at odds. A lease agreement is more than just a piece of paper — it lays out the legal terms agreed upon by two parties. As in any contract, breach of the agreement can be grounds for eviction.

Navigating the eviction process can be a challenge. Learn about the steps involved, deadlines and requirements for the landlord, tenant and court when it comes to eviction in the leasing of real estate.


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:37 Guest Introduction

00:02:37 Eviction Process

00:04:49 Eviction Notices

00:06:10 How to Prove a Non-third Party 

00:17:20 Who Initiates the Process

00:18:24 What to Do When You Can’t Find the Person

00:22:00 Unlawful Detainer

00:27:32 Witness

00:32:26 What Happens if the Person Doesn’t Leave

00:39:20 Writ of Restitution

00:43:08 Tax Refund

00:45:39 What Happens When You Don’t Write a Lease


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