Ep. 155 | Ferd Niemann on How and When to Use a Master Lease with Option to Purchase


Today, we discuss what a Master Lease is and how and when you can use this for purchase. 

Master Lease is a controlling lease that gives the lessee the right to control and sublease the property during the lease. The lessee has equitable title to the property while the owner retains the legal title. It is commonly used in commercial real estate deals.

When you want to purchase intermediate amounts of space and want to obtain maximum flexibility without being bound by long-term commitments, then you surely should consider using a master lease.


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:31 Podcast Intro

00:01:45 What Is a Master Lease

00:04:11 General Pros of a Master Lease

00:07:22 Tenant Buyer

00:10:35 Property Management Agreement

00:15:08 Operational Control 

00:17:25 Closing


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