Ep. 154 | Ferd Niemann on Why and When Do I Need A PPM Over a Joint Venture


The Private Place Memorandum (PPM) is executed in a legal document that each and every single person has. It contains a unique aspect relating to the individual, but also to the public.

Even though a PPM by its nature is private, in this episode, you’ll be able to learn the reasons why you should do one and why most people do not like to write privately because of the possible self-disclosure.


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:38 Podcast Intro

00:01:13 Why People Don’t Like PPMs

00:03:00 Security

00:05:06 Capitalization

00:06:08 Two Types of Offerings

00:09:42 Third-Party Verification

00:14:54 Debt and Equity

00:17:00 Depreciation Allocation

00:17:21 Member Ownership

00:18:09 Key Manager Fees

00:23:23 Post Raids 

00:29:16 Closing


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