Ep. 153 | Ferd Niemann on the 10 Steps to Getting Your Loan Approved


Banks want to lend money, but they’re ultra-conservative. You need these tips to help you get approved. 

This episode will help you qualify for a loan and understand how to work with bank representatives. It will also offer advice on how to help banks feel more comfortable in dealing with your situation and how to show them that you are worth their time and money.

If you’ve been rejected by the bank or want to avoid getting turned down, here are the 10 steps to help you get your loan approved!


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:38 Podcast Intro

00:03:33 Client Fishing for a Loan

00:04:09 10 Steps

00:04:11 Identifying the Bank

00:05:16 Make an Application

00:06:03 Personal Financial Statement

00:10:10 Business Plan

00:12:35 Financial Analysis

00:13:23 Risks and Opportunities

00:13:41 Management Plan

00:14:04 Resume

0023:25 Closing


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