Ep. 144 | Contractor Paperwork for Pros and Schmos


In this episode, Ferd talks about the differences between hiring a Pro versus a Schmo contractor. He also explains why pros are expensive compared to Schmos. Ferd also discusses why there is a need to have general liability insurance for workers or contractors.

Listen to the episode as we learn more about the best practices for hiring pros versus schmo contractors and identify how and when to hire one or the other.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00:32 Pros vs Schmos Contractor
00:04:37 General Liability Insurance
00:06:29 Why you should never hire a schmo
00:07:26 Pro is expensive while the waiver is risky
00:10:07 COI certificate insurance
00:15:08 When do you need to hire a pro or a schmo
00:19:42 Best practices for hiring pros vs schmos

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