Ep. 140 | How To Properly Evaluate Sewer Lines


Jamie Simerly has experience in installing sewer and water utilities for new residential and commercial construction. He has been with Homestead Inspection since 2019. Homestead Inspection is a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of residential building experience and over 24 years in home inspection services.

In this episode, Jamie will deep dive into the common problems investors face with sewer lines such as identifying a previous repair, a tree root clog, and more. He also discusses why Orangeburg pipes still exist today even though they’ve been disallowed by the government. Finally, Jamie shares his typical quotes in service at Homestead inspection so that you can have a baseline in your market or even possibly inquire about his services should you need them for your properties. 


Highlights of the episode:

00:32 – Introduction of Jamie Simerly

01:03 – Background of Jamie Simerly

02:42 – How to do sewer surveys

05:53 – Determining an Orangeburg pipe

08:44 – Why you should check your sewer line

09:30 – Other materials you should avoid for your sewer line

12:43 – Failure points of clay pipes  

17:21 – Common fixes for clay pipes

18:43 – Different Types of sewer piping problems

18:57 – How to tell if it’s had a previous repair

20:08 – How to tell if it’s a tree root clog

22:16 – Why there shouldn’t be water sitting on the pipe

23:52 – Checking out on the disconnects

24:35 – Pricing for Jamie’s services

27:54 – Knowing if your manhole is connected to the sewer line

30:27 – Talk to people in the community first

33:11 – How to reach Jamie


Notable Quotes 

“If you don’t have it properly cleaned out and descalled, then you don’t know what you’re dealing with until it breaks” – Jamie Simerly

“If you don’t have enough room to actually put a 4 inch pipe into a line that’s been reduced down to 2 inches, then you won’t be able to sleeve it at all.” – Jamie Simerly


“We want to give you the most information that we can, possible, out of us going out and doing a sewer survey.” – Jamie Simerly


Connecting with Guest

Phone Number: (816) 883-1090
Website: https://www.homestead-inspection.com/


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