Ep. 139 | Why Rent Control Should Be Abolished


In this episode, Ferd Niemann shares his thoughts on why the concept of rent control should be removed. Ferd expands on the detrimental long-term effects of Rent Control such as low quantity and quality of housing. He also discusses the three types of Rent Control (strict price, vacancy control, and vacancy de-control) which are all real-world examples of the impacts they can have on the futures market. Finally, Ferd notes that other investors may not know that they are victims of Rent Control and why Rent Control isn’t institutionalized.

Highlights of the episode:

00:32 – Introduction
03:25 – Why Rent Control Is Bad In The Long Term
06:08 – Types of Rent Control
12:00 – Long Term Impact of Rent Control
13:48 – Why Rent control isn’t institutionalized
19:35 – Conclusion

Notable Quotes

“Capital goes where it is welcome, and it stays where it’s appreciated.” – Ferd Niemann
“If my expenses keep going up and my revenue is fixed; I’m going to choose not going to do some of the discretionary stuff.” – Ferd Niemann
“In the development game, I’m not going to add more risk in capital if you’re not going to increase my upside.” – Ferd Niemann

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