Ep. 138 | The Latest and Most Effective Way To Hire For Your Team


In this episode, Ferd Niemann discusses the importance of hiring a great property manager in the mobile home park business. Ferd expands on the importance of hiring slow and sometimes needing to fire fast. Ferd reviews the soft and hard skills that it takes to become a great property manager along with the core values that he and his team look to align with when hiring. If you’re looking to hire a property manager for your mobile home park, you’ll want to listen to the ‘12 steps to hire best’ clearly outlined in this episode.


Highlights of the episode:

00:32 – Introduction

01:31 – Recent experience at Mcdonald’s

03:19 – Why having a good property manager is essential

08:16 – Skills that all employees need to have

11:22 – 12 Steps to a proper hire  


Notable Quotes 

“I’d much rather pay somebody 30k base and 30k in commissions than pay someone 40k base. What I found is that the guy/gal that will take the lower base is hungry for commissions and they’re my best players.” – Ferd Neiman

“Not having the person here is a pain, but hiring the wrong person and then having to fire them or they quit and then do it all over again is a bigger pain.” – Ferd Neiman

“I’m calling references at this point because they can make or break the deal sometimes.” – Ferd Neiman


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