Ep. 114 | Interview With MHP And RV Owner Heather Blankenship


On this episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, Ferd is joined by MHP and RV park Owner Heather Blankenship. Ferd and Heather discuss the advantages owning a RV park over owning a MHP, trends within the RV industry, staffing your RV park and so much more. Heather also shares some of her best advice and urges you to get involved with RV parks now and before they’re institutionalized!



0:00 – Intro
1:09 – Heather informs up about how she got involved in the MHP and RV business
2:15 – Heather explains how she feels as though the RV industry is a lot more fun than the MHP industry
3:20 – Ferd mentions how he thinks of RV parks as a hybrid between housing and hospitality
3:45 – Heather states that the amount of income you can create from RV parks is much higher than MH parks
6:25 – Heather talks about how people often treat RV parks as lake houses and explains how that works and how much staff you may need
7:02 – Heather speaks about RV work campers
8:31 – Heather informs us about underwriting and similarities between RV and MH parks
10:24 – Heather discusses how to underwrite the cap rate for evaluation purpose and how to underwrite the debt components for RV parks
12:19 – Heather states that MHP are easier to run but RV parks are more fun and they bring in more money
12:47 – Ferd asks Heather where does she see both of these industries going in the future
15:28 – Heather talks about evictions within RV parks
18:04 – Ferd speaks about a deal he was looking into recently
21:27 – Heather speaks about trends in RV parks over the last few years and how she thinks RV parks will hold up post COVID-19
24:47 – Heather shares some final advice of “Do it now before RV’s are institutionalized!”
27:13 – You can contact Heather through social media; @heatherblankenshipx3 or through her website; Heatherblankenship.com





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