Ep. 113 | Interview With MHP Owners Dylan Stewart and Alex Donnolo How To Enter and Scale MHP’s


On this episode of the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, Ferd is joined by guest MHP owners, operators and entrepreneurs Dylan Stewart and Alex Donnolo. Dylan and Alex are new to the MHP industry but have had rapid success. Dylan and Alex speak about how they got into MHP, tips and advice for investors looking to get into MHP and they also share some horror stories from which they have gained experience and learned from.



0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Dylan gives us an insight into how he and Alex got involved with MHPs
2:09 – Alex mentions how he came from a construction background
3:45 – Dylan speaks about the difficulties of being virtual partners with Alex and talks us through how they navigate doing business calls and making important business decisions
6:22 – Dylan speaks on the importance of having a team around you
11:32 – Alex explains the process he and Dylan went through to buy their first investments and how they began partnerships
15:26 – Alex speaks about challenging yourself and how that can open up a whole new range of possibilities for you
17:32 – Ferd speaks of two key metrics; cash low and net worth
21:01 – Ferd asks Alex and Dylan if they have any horror stories to share since being involved within the MHP industry
23:14 – Alex speaks from experience when he mentions how sourcing outside management can be difficult and shares a story about a nightmare third party management company they hired for their first MHP investments
25:15 – Ferd mentions how you have to get people you trust to manage your MHPs and states how often times that means giving them ownership
25:53 – Dylan shares some advice for new MHP investors; the more frequently you check something, the quicker you can make a correction/improvements. Dylan advices you to track your acquisitions, do your due diligence as it allows you to lead from data and not emotion
27:47 – Dylan emphasise that vulnerability is key to this business
29:32 – Alex states reiterates the importance of building a system. Alex mentions how even if you have a great team, without a system it is always going to be a shocking approach on each deal
29:56 – You can contact Dylan and Alex through their website; Mavdon.com or through their Facebook group; Elite MHP Investing

Facebook : Elite MHP Investing
Website: Mavdon.com





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