Ep. 112 | Interview With Jonathan Gilmore How To Combine 1031 Exchange and Syndications



On this episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, Ferd is joined by colleague Jonathan Gilmore. Jonathan is a veteran, a real estate lawyer and has experience in land development. Throughout this episode Ferd and Jonathan discuss general ticks and general 1021’s, why you should roll up your tick interest into the GP/LP investor LLC, and tax avoidance.


0:00 – Intro
1:18 – Jonathan gives us an insight into his background
3:28 – Jonathan shares his expertise with us on how general tick and general 1031’s
6:32 – Ferd states that the goal of all tax planning is to keep more money in the families pocket and out of uncle Sam’s pocket and shares why the 1031 is the best vehicles to do it
6:47 – Ferd shares a joke from his professor at law school; what’s the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion? 10 years in prison
8:38 – Jonathan explains the tick model and how tick blends into the syndication model
13:36 – Ferd and Jonathan share some of the key 15 rules you can follow
15:50 – Jonathan speaks about timing, when the deal closes and when you have a structure in place
16:48 – Jonathan shares some key reasons why you would want to roll up your tick interest into the actual GP/LP investor LLC
21:34 – Jonathan talks about an agreement called the co-ownership agreement that governs the relationship between the tick investors
26:23 – Jonathan states that you should aim to make sure that you structure the deal as close to meeting all these factors as you can
27:00 – Ferd asks Jonathan to explain the mechanism for the role up
28:00 – You can contact Jonathan through phone; 9132166269 or through email; jonathan@caseyrelaw.com

PHONE : 913 216 6269
EMAIL : Jonathan@caseyrelaw.com






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