Ep. 109 | Interview with Gene Norman Weather Alerts and Why You Should Attend MHP Conference


On this episode of the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, Ferd interviews Gene Norman. Ferd and Gene discuss the importance of weather alerts and how Gene’s system has helped MHP owners. Ferd and Gene also discuss SECO and encourage you to attend online, so that you can make great connections and reap all the benefits of the weeklong conference.



0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Gene urges people to keep in mind that the forecast is never wrong it’s how you hear it
1:24 – Gene gives us an insight into his background and how his childhood interest lead to a job at NASA
3:11 – Gene states that securely anchored home often survive bad storms
4:36 – Gene mentions how he began attending conferences such as SECCO in 2018
4:59 – Gene tells us about what he does at the conferences
5:53 – Ferd shares his advice of plan for the worst and hope for the best!
10:26 – Gene explains how SECCO was formed what SECCO is designed for
11:33 – Gene states that SECCO is a weeklong conference that states September 27th
11:59 – Gene provides us with some explains of the material displayed by SECCO such as how to effectively use social media for marketing, buying, selling and financing and so much more
12:20 – Gene mentions how SECCO give you practical solutions with practical resources
12:29 – Gene states that he loves the fact SECCO shares the good, the bad and the ugly
13:24 – You can get a $25 discount to the SECCO conferencing by using the code ‘HAZARDCALL’ at registration
15:33 – Gene encourages you to attend SECCO and explains some of the benefits you will reap from the conference
16:12 – Gene speaks about how the conference is set up by owners for owners
17:40 – Gene states that SECCO is at the heart of trying to change people’s mindsets and work on the bad stigma that is forcing regulations to come in that is forcing manufactured homes out
18:06 – Gene states that the owners at SECCO are the people you want to be connected with







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