Ep. 108 | Interview with Jon Shay Building Rapport With Brokers


On this episode of the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, Ferd interviews MHP specialist and broker Jon Shay. Ferd and Jon discuss a series of topics including the broad range of personalities within the MHP industry, advice for first time buyers, finding the right broker for you, real estate twitter and more!



0:00 – Intro
1:51 – Jon informs us about how he got into the MHP business and where he can see it going in the future
5:40 – Jon mentions how a lot of people who are in the MHP industry never set out to be in this industry which makes it interesting as there is a wide range of folk within the industry
8:28 – Ferd asks Jon to speaks about the trends he has seen over the last eight or so years of working in the MHP industry
13:13 – Jon explains how he deals with buyers and shares some advice to first time buyers trying to get into the industry
15:24 – Jon states that buyers will benefit from just having conversations and relationships with people
17:35 – Jon advises you to make your terms as clear as your price when you’re making an offer
20:56 – Jon shares his opinion on pricing when making an offer/buying
26:43 – Jon speaks about a hesitancy he’s seen from some clients to under-price an asset and shares his thoughts on this
28:04 – Jon states that brokers are vital and you need to know what your broker can do for you once you hire one – e.g.; how do they market a property because that’s not automatic/ a given with every broker
31:38 – Jon shares a personal story and also shares his opinion on younger investors and their ambition. Jon also talks about property space and how many ideal assets and opportunities are left on the market currently
35:22 – Jon encourages gives new investors and people wanting to get involved in the MHP industry to get in touch with him so he can share his advice with you
36:00 – You can contact Jon by phone; 6124607429 or by email; jon.shay@cbre.com or message Jon through Twitter and Instagram; MHC Broker
37:12 – Jon shares some final advice and states that if you want to learn more about real estate investments, get active on RE twitter


Phone | 612-460-7429
Email | jon.shay@cbre.com
Message Jon through Twitter and Instagram | @MHCBroker





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