Ep. 105 | Case Study: How To Make One Million Off One Hundred Thousand in One Year With One Park


On this episode of the Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, Ferd continues the mini-series based on his previous case studies. Ferd discusses how to turn one hundred grand into a million dollars in one year from one park, and goes through some of his own personal experiences 


0:00 – Intro
1:44 – Ferd talks about how to make a million dollars off one hundred thousand
3:06 – Shoot Ferd an email or give the podcast a five star review he will send you his LOI for free.
3:18 – Ferd states that his LOI is part of the reason he made a million dollars from this deal
6:00 – Ferd mentions how he managed to get a twenty thousand dollar credit for closing and speaks about the benefits of this 7:44 – Ferd speaks about going to the bank to ask for a construction loan of eighty-five thousand dollars
8:15 – Ferd talks about how if a loan gets as high as a two million loan, it has to go to the regional bank and they have to vote on it
9:58 – Ferd mentions that he was buying an eight hundred thousand dollar asset for five hundred and twenty  thousand dollars
11:55 – Ferd discusses how he managed to give away the homes for free and how it was a unique risk he had to take
14:55 – Ferd talks about how he branded the park Spanish and had the signage in Spanish
16:15 – Ferd mentions how he didn’t increase the rent on the park despite the increase in revenue
17:30 – Ferd speaks about a problem he ran into with this park and how they couldn’t get equipment into the park as the homes were so close to each other
19:28 – Ferd sums up the story about this Spanish park in clear points
20:04 – Ferd mentions how he wasn’t sure how long the people he gave these homes to would stay for as he’s had people come back to him after he had given them homes but it turned out quite well for this park
20:34 – Ferd speaks about the revenue after the MHP was all fixed up and people were living there
25:33 – Ferd was about to sink because of this guy
28:22 – Ferd feels blessed that it worked out the way it did and talks about some of the guys involved





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