Ep. 143 | Should I Accept Section 8 for My Mobile Homes


Section 8 is an opportunity for low-income families and residents to rent apartments and housing at fair market rates.

In this episode, Ferd Niemann shares with us real-life experiences and examples of section 8, whether a landlord or tenant should allow this arrangement, and the cost that come with it.

Highlights of the episode:
1:57 – What is section 8?
2:09 – Pros of Section 8
2:54 – Cons of Section 8
4:29 – Is section 8 favorable among MH
4:56 – Regulators of Section 8
6:28 – Old stereotypes on low-income tenants
7:26 – Different real-life encounters under section 8
20:45 – Wrapping up on section 8

Notable Quotes
4:11 – “Just because people are poor doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the same kind of housing or livability standard” – Ferd Niemann

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