Ep. 130 | Case Study: How To Add $500k On 20 Pads In One Year


This week on The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, Ferd dives into a 20 pad home park that turned into a highly profitable investment in a very short amount of time. He uses this case study to emphasize how buying the right property is more important than the amount of volume of property you buy. If you’ve heard the expression less is more but never quite made sense of it — this episode will show you why, but most importantly, it will give you clear insights on the power of buying right.


Highlights of the episode:

00:00:00 – Episode Introduction

00:00:33 – Start of the topic: What’s your measuring stick? 

00:02:40 – 20 Pads Home Park  

00:03:21 – Renovation

00:03:27 – Market Rent

00:04:14 – Playground Amenity and Driveway

00:04:34 – 40,000 all in renovations 

00:05:34 – Value Ad

00:06:07 – Easy Peasy Deal

00:06:43 – Lesson 

00:07:06 – Septic Sewer Issue

00:07:35 – Deal worth a million one


Notable Quotes

“Buy right don’t denigrate that it’s only a 20-pad park and you can make a decent amount of money”

“Some people out there would look down at me like “oh my gosh you only have 20 pads why would you buy a 20 pad park” this is why you buy it right.”


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