Ep. 163 | Interview With MHP Owner and Operator Yoel Kelman on How to Grow an MHP Company

In today’s episode, we welcome Yoel Kelman of Three Pillar Communities. He is a big operator. Yoel started with a partner to invest in mobile home parks, and they’ve got parks all over the country. He also has a background in Accountancy and financial consultancy. While it may seem that the mobile home park business […]

Ep.162 | Interview With MHP Owner and Broker Enon Winkler on How To Navigate A Challenging Capital Market

  In today’s episode, we welcome Enon Winkler. He is a mobile home and RV broker who owns and operates mobile home parks while doing some third party management from time to time. He crushed it at multifamily back in 2004-2009, and continues to be vertically integrated with the properties that he owns at present. […]

Ep. 161 | Interview With Bryce McMurry on Growing A Portfolio With A Contractor Mindset

  In today’s episode, we welcome Bryce McMurry to discuss how you can grow your portfolio with the help of his expertise in the contractor field. Bryan and his partners have “adding value to properties” as their niche in their construction projects. He emphasizes that property values may be stagnant because of a shortage of […]

Ep. 160 | Interview with Jonathan Gilmore on the Dutiful Execution of TIC Drop and Swap 1031 Transactions

  In today’s episode, we discuss how not to pay taxes. Did you know that when you invest in real estate, you face tax problems? And not just when you sell the property, but at every step along the way. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a service that dutifully executed all of your […]

Ep. 159 | Ferd Niemann on the Legal Risks For the Unweary, Navigating the Acquisition

Today, we discuss the risks that come with property acquisition. In today’s real estate market, home purchases may not always result in what you expected. It’s not just the property itself, but also the hidden traps of the contracts that can bite you. Whether you are buying a new or existing home, duplex, triplex, or […]

Ep. 158 | Interview With Ryan White on Navigating the Evictions Process

Today, we discuss both the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords when it comes to property real estate renting and or leasing. A landlord’s desire for security and a tenant’s right to a safe and habitable residence are often at odds. A lease agreement is more than just a piece of paper — it […]

Ep. 157 | Interview with Mitchel Armstrong on How To Hustle, Network, and Persevere Into MHP Success

Networking has become more robust in this day and age. Being in the right place at the right time and referrals through word of mouth has always been a reliable method of getting more business. But you’d be surprised how many opportunities there are in places like the Facebook Marketplace. Let’s explore these opportunities with […]

Ep. 156 | Ferd Niemann on How To Write A Cover Letter to LP or Passive Investors

Today, we discuss the importance of a written correspondence especially for investors. Most real estate transactions require some form of written contract, and it’s very important that this portion of the transaction be addressed quickly and efficiently! Even simple verbal agreements can cause major problems, especially during periods of high volume. Many investors rely on […]

Ep. 155 | Ferd Niemann on How and When to Use a Master Lease with Option to Purchase

Today, we discuss what a Master Lease is and how and when you can use this for purchase.  Master Lease is a controlling lease that gives the lessee the right to control and sublease the property during the lease. The lessee has equitable title to the property while the owner retains the legal title. It […]

Ep. 154 | Ferd Niemann on Why and When Do I Need A PPM Over a Joint Venture

The Private Place Memorandum (PPM) is executed in a legal document that each and every single person has. It contains a unique aspect relating to the individual, but also to the public. Even though a PPM by its nature is private, in this episode, you’ll be able to learn the reasons why you should do […]