Ferd is unlike anyone I have met in Real Estate. He possesses a knowledge level that is far beyond most seasoned investors. He has a unique skill set that can rival any young professional with his level of comprehension and intellectual ability in: Real Estate Investing, Legal, Financial Modeling, and Tax Strategy. This guy is truly a machine! He is inspiring to work with, and has motivated and helped me want to push my potential in Real Estate way farther. If you have the opportunity to work with Ferd, you are blessed

Jared Bos

National MHC Broker with Northmarq

Ferd has helped us with our recent multifamily purchase and we couldn’t be more pleased. He has helped our team in various capacities. He is very knowledgeable and his experience as an owner, operator, promoter, and financial analyst sets him apart from other attorneys. He does much more than draft contracts and goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations

Nick B.

multifamily real estate investor

Ferd has been my guide in evaluating MHP purchases. Unlike most MHP brokers, Ferd is not determined to merely “get to the commission”; in fact, Ferd has played the role of critical observer and has kept me from pursuing deals that were not in my best interest (despite costing him a commission). Ferd is unique in his ability to quickly analyze and underwrite a deal, and in his ability to loyally represent his client’s interest. He is a smart broker/investor/manager/lawyer that I am glad to have on my team. On behalf of my fellow physician investors, I give him my highest recommendation

Harsha Mool

Ferd served as my attorney on my first MHP purchase and he was instrumental in helping me get to closing. His knowledge of MHP law, especially grandfathering, made
me more comfortable moving forward in the transition from long time MHP manager to MHP owner

Michael S.

MHP owner, and former manager of 382 unit park (MO)

Even though I am an experienced Real Estate investor I needed an attorney who understands Mobile Home Parks when I was trying to close on my first Mobile Home
Park. I found Ferd online and he was amazing. His expertise was very valuable and I look forward to engaging him in various capacities for my future MHP deals

Alpesh Parmar

MHP owner, real estate investor, author, podcaster

To say Ferd, “does good work” falls insultingly short of the proactive care, attention to detail, and assertive approach he puts into his work. Ferd is one of kind and one the most intelligent and proactive attorneys I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Seeing Ferd take such a proactive approach in his work made a lot of sense tom me because he is not just an attorney, he is an active investor. This becomes the perfect storm when building a team and I’m confident in saying, no matter where he goes or who he works with, he will become a linchpin member and someone you too will be grateful for knowing.

Andrew L ightfoot

multifamily real estate investo (MO)

I am in the middle of closing a deal using Ferd as my attorney. His expertise as an attorney and as a mobile home park owner and manager, has provided invaluable insight into the deal and negotiations. He has been able to help me not only with the legal aspect of the deal, but with great ideas on how to improve the deal, budget,m leases, strategy, etc. He always makes himself available for calls or text messages and his response time on turning around documents has been less than a day. I just hired Ferd to help me with a second deal and hope to use him to close many more deals in the future

Larry Abramowitz

MHP Owner (FL)

Ferd Niemann has served as my attorney and helped me with the tax incentive and financial analysis processes. We worked together on a complex project involving tens of millions of dollars, and I valued his counsel very much. He is the rare attorney who understands the financial analysis process at an elite level. I have no hesitation recommending him without reservation and would gladly work with him again. I am sure he will continue to thrive in the years ahead, and I wish him my very best

Eric Holtz

Real estate developer and investor

I worked with Ferd when he was raising capital for one of his MHP deals, and I was eager for our fund to get in on the action and invest with Ferd. He is a man of high integrity and is an expert in the MHP space. He is the attorney for this industry

Paul Worcester

Real estate investor, 0 to 4,000 units; founder of property management software company

As an out of state MHP investor I know firsthand how important it is to have a quality local team operate your MHP investments. Ferd bought the park from our group and delivered on his commitments, was very timely, and displayed a deep knowledge of the space. Our investors are very pleased with the outcome of working with Ferd. He is somebody I enjoyed working with and selling to.

John J.

Koehler MD C hicago, IL

Purchasing a MHP from Ferd – during COVID lockdown – was less of a challenge than I expected, and his detailed accounting and organization (and proficient operations) helped me close the deal. Ferd was clearly an honest and experienced operator, so much so that I hired his team to manage the MHP for me post – closing. I look forward to working with him in the years ahead

Daniel Grisa

MHP ow ner, real estate investor, and general contractor (CA)

I have trusted Ferd with several investments and, as a fellow real estate attorney, I can vouch for his competence in the field. Ferd’s obsession with MHP investments has turned him into the premier MHP attorney in the business.

Steve James

real estate attorney and investo

I have trusted Ferd to manage my MHP assets, both as a silent investor and as an active owner with Ferd’s team managing the properties. His organizational and reporting skills are great, and he is uniquely situated to excel in this niche, and I am glad to be on the same team.

Jeff Eversden

CPA and Investor

As a real estate developer, I am continually evaluating the risk/reward relationship with investing and construction. Because I have confidence in Ferd’s abilities as a lawyer and an operator of MHP projects, I invested with him. When it comes down to it, I am investing him an as a person and not in a MHP

Gib Wood

CEO Scenic Development, LLC, real estate developer (KS)

Ferd and I have gone after several of the same properties that have been available in a local area. Even though we compete, Ferd has always been willing to talk shop and has provided several useful pieces of information and referrals that have helped my own park management. I always walk away from our conversations with something of value that I can use.

Tim B.

MHP Owner/Operator (IL)

I’ve known Ferd Niemann IV for nearly a decade, dating back to our time together getting our MBAs at Rockhurst U
niversity. Ferd has built a reputation of trust based on his performance as an attorney, land developer and now a Mobile Home Park Operator. My family and I personally invest with Ferd and value him as both a business partner and friend.

Brian J.

con struction industry expert and real estate investor (MO)

Ferd is a long – time friend and former business partner. He is continuously hustling to become better and better, and I have no doubt he is the right guy to assist in your MHP operations. Ferd has the intellect, work ethic, and unique experience that few others can match.

Logan Moore

CFA, Real Estate Investor

I worked with Ferd on an extremely complex deal covering several Mobile Home Parks, apartments, single-family rentals, etc. Through the 6 month contract period, I relied on Ferd’s legal expertise, but I also came to him to advise me on business strategy, budgeting, and financial modeling, which he has experience in as an operator and syndicator. Through this process, Ferd was able to display his versatility on all matters of real estate which is what makes him an irreplaceable resource for me. I would give him a resounding endorsement for anyone considering pursuing MHPs. I look forward to having him in my corner as long as I’m in the real estate business.

Craig Napoliello

MHP Owner and RE Investor

Ferd is one of, if not the most detail oriented and organized park owner we’ve worked with. He entrusted our firm to sell a MHP for him, and working together it was clear he is adept in all areas of MHP ownership, management, and operations. His legal background and great track record as an owner make him uniquely qualified in this space, where a lot of folks have very limited experience.

Brooks Mosier

Ferd has purchased several MHPs that I have listed and he has proven to me an ability to close the deal. Further, I have seen Ferd firsthand solve complex legal problems – he is the guy that can keep the deal together, unlike so many attorneys that kill deals. He is the first attorney I refer my clients to and I give him my strong recommendation.

Jon “MR. LANDMAN” Fisher

National MHP broker

As someone who has purchased, sold, and operated numerous mobile home communities, Ferd has a unique skillset that make him a one stop shop for both legal expertise and operational know-how.  As a professional, my favorite Ferd qualities are that he is immediate, effective, thorough, organized, and efficient.  I challenge you to find someone who can say they’ve ever waited on him for anything.  If everyone in the process got things done like he does, we could sell twice as many MHC’s per year.

Kris Wessel

Senior Vice President, NAI Martens (national MHC broker) (KS)

I help real estate investors like Ferd find quality investment opportunities. Ferd and I are regularly evaluating MHP opportunities together and it is clear that Ferd has a strong grasp of what it takes to find, evaluate, and operate a mobile home park.

Bob Smalley

National MHP broker

I have known Ferd for several years and first got to know him through a mentorship program with the Urban Land Institute. Ferd is a sharp young attorney and has a good reputation throughout the community (including at his old law firm, who I have worked with for many years). I look forward to watching what he does next.

Ted Murray

Real estate broker and developer, Principal (former CEO) of Colliers International Kansas City (MO)

I have worked with Ferd on numerous mobile home park projects.  These have varied from well established and healthy mobile home parks to distressed parks in need of rehabilitation.  Ferd has a proven track record of identifying opportunities, negotiating contracts and managing large scale rehabilitation projects to maximize returns.  He is a valued client and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Nathan Frese

Commercial Banker (IL)

Ferd gets it. He gets sales, which are the lifeblood of all business. He also gets the numbers, and is one of the few operators that truly understands accounting and taxation. 

Kristin D.

Mobile home park specialist, bookkeeper, marketer

I worked with Ferd as the broker on a large piece of property ($8MM sales price) and it was clear to me that Ferd has an eye for due diligence, legal analysis, and real estate in general. The group closed on the purchase in short order and delivered in every aspect. Further, I have worked with Ferd on a nonprofit board here in Kansas City and can attest to his problem solving ability and his passion for creative ideas.

Chris Robertson

Commercial Real Estate Broker with Newmark Grubb Zimmer (MO)

I have worked with Ferd on several projects over the last few years and he is well versed in incentives and real estate legal matters. He understands the complexities of commercial development and each deal having their own hurdles.  Overall, he is a knowledgeable real estate attorney and I am happy to recommend him.

Chris Williams

Commercial Real Estate Developer, Investor, and Broker with Highlands Real Estate (KS)

Having negotiated alongside many attorneys, I have found the most effective ones to be those who are investors themselves and can navigate complexities while staying focused on the end goal. Ferd’s successful pursuits as an investor, along with his vast knowledge of tax and accounting, make him a partner you want on your team.

Gabe Tovar

Investment Sales Broker, NorthMarq (MO)

I respect and trust Ferd implicitly and would immediately follow his advice and would be pleased to have him manage my business affairs.

Colonel Bill Eckhardt

JAGC Retired; Chief Prosecutor of the Ground Action at My Lai; Teaching Professor of Law Emeritus

I have worked with Ferd as part of our nonprofit board concerning real estate and the built environment. Ferd is a bright young attorney who is a strong addition to any team. He is a man of integrity and I give him my highest recommendation. (My husband is also a national real estate broker who has worked with Ferd and concurs!)

Joy Crimmins

Executive Director, Urban Land Institute (Kansas City MO)

Ferd is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to real estate. Not only does he have legal expertise, his personal and professional background gives him an exceptional level of expertise in all facets of a project including entitlements, financial returns, debt requirements, and overall project synergy. I have worked on both sides of the development table with Ferd on complex real estate projects for nearly a decade and believe he offers an exceptional level of ability, understanding, and commitment. I give Ferd my highest recommendation

Dan Moye

Real estate professional and analyst, leader of quasi-governmental economic development team

Landlord Tenant Services has worked with Ferd, his father, and staff for over 10 years. They go up and beyond to provide excellent service to their clients, tenants, and prospective tenants in mobile home parks across several states. They do a thorough background check on every tenant to ensure the safety of all their residence and keep crime down. This is a family business that has exceeded all expectations and now has a staff of employees and able to offer job stability to them. How great is that! Ferd is an attorney and asset to this industry and I would consider an expert with his knowledge of landlord-tenant laws and mobile home parks. He is a man with integrity and a willingness to help others. We are excited about the launch of his new podcast and future endeavors. As a business owner, I have a great deal of respect and would highly recommend him.


Owner of Landlord Tenant Services, a national background check provider

I want to give a shout out to Ferdinand “Ferd” E. Niemann IV and the excellent job he performed on a recent acquisition.  Ferd represented a first time buyer in a complicated transaction (scattered site, limited information, difficult seller, short time frame, etc.) with a Freddie Mac non-recourse loan.   Ferd’s guidance as counsel and experience as an investor were invaluable.  Ferd is an adept lawyer with a strong real estate skill set. I have seen Ferd firsthand work through various challenges while jointly serving on the board of Kansas City’s Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Board (where Ferd has held numerous leadership positions). Ferd is a great addition to any team.

Frank Sciara

CCIM, Vice President Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC

Ferd and I met in law school and later worked together at Jackson County. I have worked with and against Ferd on projects (and on the athletic field) and can attest to his abilities and skills whether it be as a lawyer, a financial analyst, or as a leader. Ferd’s competitiveness and tenacity to win set him apart – he is undoubtedly the kind of lawyer you want on your side.

Chris Kline

Real Estate, Zoning, and Municipal Attorney (Am Law 100).

In recent years Ferd has served as my attorney or advisor on tax incentive and real estate projects, but our relationship goes back many years in the form of intellectual discussions on real estate and market dynamics. I can vouch for Ferd’s abilities and integrity and give him my strong recommendation.

David Brain

Founder and CEO of Enfinite Capital; (former) Co-founder and CEO of Entertainment Properties Trust (a REIT he led from $0-$6Billion in assets (MO)

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

John Wooden