Ep. 145 | How To Wholesale and Buy Mobile Home Parks as a Side Hustle

In today’s episode, we talk to Eric Lindsey. Eric is a real estate hustler, owns and flips mobile home parks while investing in homes and apartments. Eric got into Mobile home parks four to five years ago as a solution to address his job instability in the construction arena. After having encountered several layoffs, finding […]

Ep. 144 | Contractor Paperwork for Pros and Schmos

In this episode, Ferd talks about the differences between hiring a Pro versus a Schmo contractor. He also explains why pros are expensive compared to Schmos. Ferd also discusses why there is a need to have general liability insurance for workers or contractors. Listen to the episode as we learn more about the best practices […]

Ep. 143 | Should I Accept Section 8 for My Mobile Homes

Section 8 is an opportunity for low-income families and residents to rent apartments and housing at fair market rates. In this episode, Ferd Niemann shares with us real-life experiences and examples of section 8, whether a landlord or tenant should allow this arrangement, and the cost that come with it. Highlights of the episode: 1:57 […]

Ep. 142 | Understanding the Importance of Seller Deliverable Requirements

It’s always critical to your deal the level of due diligence you can apply before purchasing a property. In this episode of the MHP Lawyer Podcast, Ferd Niemann shares his own due diligence list specific to mobile home parks and highlights the importance behind each one of them to how they can be leveraged strategically […]

Ep. 141 | Pros and Cons of Buying A Small Mobile Home Park

 This week’s episode is about the pros and cons of owning a small mobile home park. Ferd Niemann shares the pros and cons of buying a small mobile home park. While some pros exist such as getting a chance to connect with tenants on a more personal level, cons also do exist such as […]

Ep. 140 | How To Properly Evaluate Sewer Lines

Jamie Simerly has experience in installing sewer and water utilities for new residential and commercial construction. He has been with Homestead Inspection since 2019. Homestead Inspection is a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of residential building experience and over 24 years in home inspection services. In this episode, Jamie will deep dive […]

Ep. 139 | Why Rent Control Should Be Abolished

In this episode, Ferd Niemann shares his thoughts on why the concept of rent control should be removed. Ferd expands on the detrimental long-term effects of Rent Control such as low quantity and quality of housing. He also discusses the three types of Rent Control (strict price, vacancy control, and vacancy de-control) which are all […]

Ep. 138 | The Latest and Most Effective Way To Hire For Your Team

 In this episode, Ferd Niemann discusses the importance of hiring a great property manager in the mobile home park business. Ferd expands on the importance of hiring slow and sometimes needing to fire fast. Ferd reviews the soft and hard skills that it takes to become a great property manager along with the core […]

Ep. 137 | Everything You Need To Know Before Investing In REITS with Brad Thomas

After 25 years as a developer, investment banker, and real estate analyst, Brad Thomas believes there’s only one rule in investing: protect your principal at all costs. He’s built his career on trust, staying smart, and conservative on researching, connecting, and doing what’s best for his clients. Besides real estate, Brad is an editor for […]

Ep. 136 | Interview With Victor Alves How To Transition From Single Family

 In this week’s episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast, we have Victor Alves, a real estate entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Vecno capital. Victor was a former sales district manager for a Fortune 500 company, who won several top performance awards before pursuing his career in real estate investing. He is a licensed […]